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This page lists an index of useful resources.
Links - Software, Shareware, Freeware, Utilities
Submissions are very much acceptable.
www.buy.com Purchase most anything.
www.memorystore.com Check out prices on desktop and notebook memory. They manufacture their own memory modules. Philadelphia, PA
www.woot.com Daily item until sold out - $5 shipping - Interesting Sense of humor
http://users.skynet.be/J.Beever/index.html Fascinating Art Work - Check out the pavement drawings.
www.mrqe.com Movie Review Query Engine - Many print and Internet Movie Reviews
www.about.com Find out About tons of things.
www.howstuffworks.com How Stuff Works - Simple to High Tech explanations
Tools and Utilities  
www.pdf995.com PDF creator - This is a printer driver, works similar to fax drivers in your printers folder. Print/convert from any document's print menu.
www.rcsi.org/files/mailwasher1329.exe Older free version of Mailwasher with multiple e-mail account functionality. Allows you to look at text only in e-mail while it is on the server. Delete and/or bounce e-mail from the server before it can get to your computer.
www.yousendit.com Upload Files as large as 1 GB. File will be put on a server, the link to which is then emailed to the recipient.
www.rokario.com Bandwidth Monitor 2 (Lite) - This free bandwidth meter logs download and upload usage over time.
http://vlc-download.com/ VLC Media Player - This open source media player supports almost any multimedia format.

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