1. WYSIWIG Web Page Design- with software you already have!

1. Where is it? "c:\Program Files\FrontPage Express\bin\fpxpress.exe"

or Start-Programs-Internet Explorer- FrontPage Express.

2. Word processing functions- text editing, size, font, color, paragraph width, etc.

HTML- HyperText Markup Language (Notepad- no formatting)

3. Pictures- JPEG, GIF; Transparency

4. Hyperlinks, bookmarks

5. Horizontal Lines; Background- solid colors, patterned, image

6. Easy formatting- using tables

7. Lists; comments, title, and keywords

8. How to get the web pages on the WWW: FTP

9. Things not covered

10. Summary


1 outline 2 text 3 images 4 bookmark 5 horizontal bar
6 tables 7 lists 8 ftp 9 not covered 10 summary





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